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A Day in the Life of Flavia Oliveria - CAD Technician

Posted: 13th October 2020

Hi All, my name is Flavia Oliveira and I am currently a CAD Technician within the Mobile design team in Obelisk. I joined the team in early 2019 after relocating from Brazil to Ireland. I was eager to join a fast paced and progressive company and from the minute I checked out the Obelisk website I knew this was the right company for me. I had previously worked with AutoCAD for many years but within the construction industry as I had completed my studies in Architecture.

In the beginning it was hard to adjust as I had never seen telecoms drawings before, simple things like knowing what an RRU was and what is was used for was all terminology I had to get used to very quickly! Now that I’m settled into my role see below what a typical day looks like for me.

Since lockdown began back in March I have been able to work remotely which has been huge benefit to me as I was travelling a 3 hour round trip each day, I now have more energy and time to give to my busy role. The morning kicks off with checking my emails to see if there are any queries on designs or questions from the team. I then log on and check our team drawing schedule to see which drawings have been assigned to me by the Design Manager, Mark Conlon.

I work through all designs assigned to me, this involves checking images, PDP and emails and in the end, I turn all elements into a drawing solution for each of our sites. In a nutshell the PDP contains all the information regarding the design of the site, including the antenna type, what mobile technologies will be deployed and their configuration, a description of the site and type of structure (monopole, tower, rooftop site) and an overview of the scope of works - what equipment is there and will be reused, what will be swapped for new, and so on. I then run through all the information and turn it into drawings - plan, elevation, steelwork details, equipment mounting details, power details, everything our crews on the ground will need to build the sites. I find the main challenge is with the steelwork details, we need to make sure the solution will work from a radio point of view as well as structural.

Although I am working from home due to Covid-19 myself and the team stay in regular contact during the day to get a second opinion on a proposed solution or sometimes just for a friendly chat! My time with Obelisk so far has been a huge learning curve for me and I’ve been given the opportunity to develop and grow within my role. I have a great team behind me, and I look forward to working on more big projects soon. In the words of Anthony J D’Angelo, ‘’Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow’’.

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