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A Day in the Life of Aleksander Dziubinski, Field Engineer

Posted: 21st May 2020

My name is Aleksander Dziubinski and I’m a Field Engineer based in Cavan. I have been working with Obelisk for nearly seven years. I enjoy being part of the Vodafone Maintenance team as no two days are the same and the recent Covid-19 Pandemic has brought about new challenges for us.

Here is what a typical day out in the field in recent weeks has looked like for me…

I start my morning around 7am, I connect with Obelisk SonicWall and login to check any faults on the network that may have occurred over night. Usual faults include COA’s (Cells Off Air), ESB mains failure, transmission problems or issues with local network service.

I prioritise my day depending on the urgency of the fault and the site location. Before making my way to site I request any access permissions that may be required. Majority of the day is spent on sites in the North West of Ireland, general work carried out on sites include site inspections, generator tests and ongoing repairs.

On further inspection certain sites may require a Rigging crew, I must then prepare a proposed work plan and submit all necessary information for work permits to my support office.

Throughout the day I am in constant contact with Project Managers as we work our way through the faults and share ideas and knowledge in order to repair issues as efficiently as possible.

While Obelisk are continuing to work during Covid 19 it has had a big impact on our day to day work. I am constantly conscious that I am maintaining social distancing and I now have to carry additional stock of PPE in my van that is required for sites in high risk areas i.e. Hospitals, Fire stations and other emergency services. This pandemic has also changed how our clients rate their sites - some sites have gone from a P4 to a P1 because they are near essential services. We also have a new type of incident which is COV, this requires quick attendance and resolution.

All the field teams, back office staff and managers in Obelisk have worked hard during this time to ensure we are maintaining an exceptionally high safety standard on site while keeping high morale in the company.

Every day I learn something new whether it be on the job or from a fellow employee, everybody pulls together to get the job done and that’s what I enjoy most about working with Obelisk.

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