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A Day in Life of Rose Shiels, Software Developer

Posted: 11th March 2020

Hello, my name is Rose Shiels. I have been a Software Developer at Obelisk since September 2016. Previously, I worked in the investment funds industry in the I.F.S.C. in Dublin. I then studied Computer Science in IT Sligo and successfully applied for the role at Obelisk.

Here’s what a typical day as a Software Developer at Obelisk looks like…

When I arrive into the office, I make a cup of tea to set myself up for the day. I am one of the people behind the infamous ‘COMS Helpdesk’, which is responsible for dealing with business application issues for our staff. Normally, myself or one of my colleagues are on helpdesk ticket support and we initially allocate daily tasks across our team. This means one of us will be responsible for business application support for the day, whilst the other team members work on software projects. This works well for us as we need to be focused and uninterrupted when working on larger software projects.

If I’m on ticket support for the day, I check our system for any new tickets and respond to them in order of priority. I also check if there are any updates on any previous open tickets assigned to me e.g. information I have requested from the user.

When I’m not dealing with tickets, I continue working on development projects that I have been assigned. For example, our recent HR KPI performance system. This normally involves meetings with senior staff, coding and testing the end software or deploying it to a live environment and completing any configuration changes.

We use Microsoft Teams to collaborate via impromptu team discussions, work on challenging issues and solve any problems team members might have. We work collaboratively in Obelisk to ensure everyone’s day runs smoothly.

I find myself working on ad-hoc requests and tasks such as producing monthly KPI statistics on support tickets, attending weekly team or quarterly objective setting meetings, answering specific IT questions for tenders, training staff and attending software demonstrations.

Despite the label of us being stereotypical computer nerds and being immersed in reams of what looks like double-dutch on our screens, we do get out occasionally and participate in most company events and lunches!

It is a varied job and every day is different! Who said IT was boring?

Interesting IT fact

Have you ever wondered where the term ‘bug’ came from?

Well, on September 9, 1945, U.S. Navy officer Grace Hopper found a moth between the relays on the Harvard Mark II computer she was working on. In those days, computers filled large rooms and the warmth of the internal components attracted moths, flies and other flying creatures. Those creatures then shorted circuits and caused the computer to malfunction.

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