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Met Mast Design

WMI provide overall cost estimates, advice on technical aspects and associated risks concerning the feasibility of projects. This information is always based on the client’s specifications and requirements and enables us to provide clients with complete confidence in the soundness and economic viability of projects. We produce Bills of Quantities comprising the list of items of work which are required for the project.

WMI use highly qualified and experienced in-house designers to work alongside clients to ensure the end product is exactly to their valued expectation.

All WMI’s raw materials are sourced from our most reputable partners using materials recognised by international standards. Materials used by WMI are all quality checked before any fabrication takes place.

We are able to carry out full trial assembly of structures before and after galvanising to ensure perfect fit. Hot dip galvanising in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461 is the finishing process of our products, which gives excellent corrosion protection to steel.

WMI installs, refurbishes, maintains and decommissions met masts and wind measurement instruments. Our masts currently range from 15m up to 150m and are certified by the designing engineer for each site. We also design power Systems for your Lidar.

WMI have experience of design in terms of Mast / Tower strengthening, foundation design and line of sight surveys.

WMI can carry out full Wind Data monitoring, analysis and reporting for the client.


Wind Measurement Services - Met Mast Installation

WMI have installed a number of temporary Masts, as well as permanent masts used for site calibration and Power Curve Verification. WMI also offer data monitoring services and is an accredited installer of SODAR, LIDAR units and Solar Resource Assessment.

Tower Installation and Foundation Construction: We are able to utilize professional and qualified construction crews. These crew are fully equipped with all necessary plant and equipment for complete construction of foundations, erection of masts and towers as well as installation of SODAR, LIDAR units and Solar Resource Assessment.

Latchways Installation and Inspection: We have fully qualified engineers who are able to install a Latchways system or replace an old fall arrest system. We can also certify existing systems that are currently out of date or have no records.


When wind monitoring masts that have been installed for extended periods of time they are at increased risk of failing, with potentially fatal consequences. A full inspection and repair service offers you complete peace of mind. Our standard service includes checks on:

  • Subsidence
  • Anchor movement
  • Mast straightness
  • Guy wire tensions (Full report on all guy tensions)
  • Guy wire integrity
  • Cable integrity
  • Enclosure condition
  • Rope grip torque
  • Desiccant life

We will send you a comprehensive report on all maintenance checks and propose any remedial work that could not be performed on the day.

WMI is able to call on a large number of skilled riggers and instrumentation engineers spread across our business. This ability allows WMI to respond rapidly to any emergency maintenance requirements. Refurbishment of all masts is generally performed on a yearly basis with replacement of all wind vanes and anemometers. Refurbishment can normally be completed within a day, providing the winch anchors pass the load test. Again, a full report on both the decommissioned instruments and the newly installed instrument is supplied within days of completing the work.

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