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Careers Telecoms Surveyor

  • Job Title: Telecoms Surveyor
  • Reporting To: Operations Manager
  • Department: Telecoms Ireland

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Recording existing RF equipment, PSU systems , Transmission and structural designs on site
  • Surveying sites to determine optimal solution for clients upgrade proposals
  • Compiling data from surveys and completing PDP's
  • Providing support to other survey and build rigging teams
  • Uploading of handover documentation and photos
  • Complete at heights surveys of RF equipment,structural details
  • Capable of completing telecoms rigging duties

Skills & Experience Required:

  • Has 5 or more years experience as a competent telecommunications technician.
  • Previous experience working on Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia equipment
  • Familiar with PSU systems,Eltek , Huawei
  • Must be comfortable working at heights
  • Must be familiar with tower erection,antenna and transmission line systems on towers,rooftops and other structures
  • Must be able to read blue print and assembly drawings

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