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Obelisk tackles gender inequality with new appointments

Posted: 13th February 2020

Leading Telecoms firm, Obelisk Group has recently announced plans to tackle gender inequality in the workplace, leading a recruitment drive and a number of new initiatives to appoint and promote female employees.

Last year, Lisa Healy became the first female director within the business and in the last month, Obelisk appointed its second female director, Claire Markey, bringing the percentage of women now on the executive team to 30%, an all-time high.

Obelisk Group has matched annual female executive salaries with male counterparts and plans to appoint a female board member, with at least one other female non-executive member due to join later this year.

The European Commission for Gender Equality recent Gender Equality Index found that women in Ireland earn 18% less than men and that only 17.3% of women were appointed to board level in the largest quoted companies, as opposed to 82.7% men.

Jarlath Finnegan, Obelisk CEO commented:

“Obelisk Group want to lead the charge in improving the current imbalance, within a male dominated industry and in a country where gender inequality in the workplace still exists.
We are dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities for females to join our company and to assess and reduce any barriers that exist for women to be promoted to senior roles.”

Obelisk has plans to recruit up to 300 new employees across Ireland and the UK over the coming years and newly appointed HR Director, Lisa Healy, will lead the implementation of a new recruitment strategy during this time.

“Our new recruitment strategy will have gender equality at its core - we aim to have at least 30% female representation and we will offer exciting new opportunities for women to join our engineering teams.”

Last year, Obelisk recruited its first ever female rigger, Pamela Lee and the company plans to incentivise more females to consider similar roles.

Lisa added:

“It is important that we provide opportunities for women to grow in the workplace across all roles, as well as ensuring pay parity with male counterparts at all levels.
In 2020, we plan to offer new training programmes to encourage women to join engineering teams and we will work towards a more flexible workplace, helping to achieve a better work/life balance for our employees, both female and male.”

Claire Markey, IT Director added:

“I am delighted to see Obelisk recognising female talent within the business. We are embarking on a hugely exciting journey, not only in relation to growth within the company, but also integrating new and innovative technology into the business.
I am looking forward to welcoming new female members across all departments at Obelisk over the coming months.”

Obelisk has just announced a number of other new appointments at board and director level, as part of its planned expansion across the UK particularly and in Ireland.

Jeremy Sheehan joins the company with over 30 years industry experience as its new UK Managing Director whilst Stephen Brewer, original founder of Apple UK and current CEO of Magnet Networks, joined the board in October 2019.

To find out more about upcoming roles at Obelisk, visit www.obelisk.com/careers/work-w...

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