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A Day in the Life of Patsy McCabe - Account Manager

Posted: 24th November 2020

Hi all, Patsy McCabe here, I have been with Obelisk since 1997 not long after the doors opened! My current role as Account Manager is non-stop and there is always something to be done but that’s what keeps me feeling young. See below what a typical day look like for me.

I kick start the day with the usual checking emails and actioning any urgent ones that may impact the sites for the day. I have a strong knowledgeable team of Deployment Managers working alongside myself, so I usually check in with them in the mornings to see if everything is going as planned or if there are issues that I may need to be involved in.

Then the fun stuff starts, I start looking at any new HODs (Handover Documentation) and log them so I can chase GRN from the customer. My main priority is to keep the account profitable so a large amount of time can be spent checking and chasing outstanding Purchase Orders. I always need to be on the lookout for more opportunities for the business, so I tend to put a large amount of effort into new quotes, enquiries and tender documents.

As the head of the account I’m always on hand to deal with all my clients’ queries and questions regarding work in progress and future work that may be in the pipeline. I have 7-8 main clients that I am in contact with on a regular basis. I balance this with managing the teams on the ground, looking after their leave schedule to make sure we can maximise the service we can provide to the clients.

With the managerial role comes the responsibility to attend various meetings throughout the week, either with the clients or representing the account at the weekly finance meeting with the other Account Managers. The role is very challenging, and you would think after all these years I’ve seen it all, but this year has pushed us all to adapt to things in a way never seen in this industry or world before.

Take Care,


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