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A Day in the Life of Morne Wentzel - Technical Manager

Posted: 22nd December 2021

I began working in Obelisk as a Transmission Engineer in April 2007. Then I started to work on fixed-line projects gaining more skills and experience before moving into a full-time RBS commissioner role. This led me into management and my current role as Technical Manager.

I start my day by taking a few minutes to reflect on the previous day before I start to see if there is anything that can be done better or anything that needs to be actioned urgently. I then plan for the day ahead to make sure nothing is missed. In the morning I follow up on the outstanding issues from the day before and start working on the next set of challenges and goals. I then do daily team calls with different projects and account managers to ensure that all projects are on track and are up to date from the Electrical and commissioning side.

The main priority in my role is to make sure the respective projects are on schedule with the current resources available and to support and assist whenever necessary. The main challenge that we face is to provide good consistent resources for an ever-changing schedule due to the changing demands. And of course, we must be able to keep up with new technologies while also training and supporting engineers in the field.

The best part of my role is working with really good colleagues, and I have a great team. I enjoy new challenges and I’m looking forward to the growth of Obelisk as a company.

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