Warehousing & Distribution Services

altObelisk offers a full warehouse and logistics management service. Warehouses are strategically located to ensure efficient inventory & distribution management. Obelisk’s Stock Control Management System has a fully integrated goods inwards/outwards scanning facility which can be monitored online. Our services include:

• Racking & pallet systems

• Cable cutting service

• Site specific order processing, same-day and off hour delivery to site

• Scanning & tracking serial number items
• Online current stock check and site asset management

• Environmental re-cycling / electronic equipment disposal

Assembly and Deployment

Obelisk provides a full assembly service for procured or free issue products to major telecoms customers. Fit outs range from a single indoor cabinet to multiple street side cabinets or communication shelters. Our services include:

• Free issue or procured equipment

• Installation of assemblies or sub assemblies in cabinet or shelter

• Internal wiring of all assemblies including power and battery back up.

• Testing of final assembled cabinet / shelter

• Delivery of completed cabinet / shelter to site
• Installation of cabinet / shelter, mains connection and commissioning

Spares Management

Obelisk provides an emergency spares service, which involves storing and delivering spare equipment for international clients. This 24/7 access managed service has been proven invaluable for client maintenance requirements. Our services include:

• Spares inventory (24/7 access, receipt, storage delivery & reports)
• Faulty units received & returned from the field
• Full Return to Manufacturer Authorisation (RMA) service

Environmental Disposal of Electronic Components

Obelisk provides an environmentally friendly, fully traceable and certified disposal system for electronic components. Our services include:

• Agreements with registered recycling companies
• Faulty/obsolete equipment receipt & collection
• Reusable equipment testing & identification
• Safe disposal certification