Fixed Line - Copper

Copper Network Deployment

altObelisk provides the end to end solution to meet client needs across the full range of copper network deployment requirements. Our services include:

• Network survey, design, architecture, cable dimensioning
• Civil works for ducting, chambers, street cabinets, poling
• Copper cabling, underground and overhead, jointing and testing
• Customer connections, underground and overhead
• Cable maintenance and customer line repair
• Preventative maintenance and upgrade programmes

Poling Work

altObelisk carries out poling operations for clients, both one off pole solutions and major poling programmes. Pole types provided include wooden, metal, concrete or GRP. Our services include:

• Poling programme scoping, planning and project management
• Pole surveys and design solutions
• Pole erection, pole furniture, cabling attachment and changeover
• Pole testing, maintenance, replacement and recoveries
• Pole supplies, warehousing and distribution

Provision/Repair of Service

Obelisk has built up a very experienced team of field engineers, trained and practiced in delivering high quality copper provision and repair services to end users, meeting telecom operator’s strict requirements in sensitive regulatory environments. Services include:

• MDF and Cabinet cross connections
• Copper pair identification and connection through in E and D side cabling
• Drop wires to end user’s premises - underground and overhead
• Internal cabling, NTU - fitting and repair
• Fault diagnosis, location and repair across the whole copper network