Electrical Services

Electrical Installation & Testing

altObelisk is RECI certified to complete comprehensive AC & DC electrical installations, testing & certification for both commercial and telecom clients. Our services include:

• Site survey & project management of AC & DC electrical installations
• ESB mains power connections service
• Temporary mains power installations

• Multi –metering board installation & commissioning service
• Full telecoms electrical installation service

AC & DC Power Installation

Obelisk has built up a level of expertise and a reputation for quality and efficient power equipment supply and installation. With permanently employed, highly trained electricians, Obelisk is capable of meeting any client requirements for AC and DC power installations. Obelisk is certified to carry out both UPS & DC (Eltek, Galerno & Sodomec) power systems for telecoms networks installations. We provide:

• AC power equipment supply, installation and cabling
• DC Rectifiers supply, installation and configuration
• Power Distribution Units (PDUs) in suites/racks with associated cabling for DC power

• Battery back-up supply and installation
• UPS supply and installation
• Standby generators supply and installation

Lightning & Surge Protection Systems

Obelisk supplies and installs external lightning & surge arrest protection systems for utility networks installations. Our services include:

• Comprehensive site survey & project management service
• Full consultancy & design service for all installations
• Installation testing & certification service
• All installs are RECI certified and approved to BS6651, IEC 1024-1 and IEC 1312-1
• Authorised supplier & installer for Furse lightning protection systems

Intelligent Power Management Systems

Together with partner LS simple Ltd., Obelisk utilises Intelligent Power Management (IPM) to enable operators to monitor both temperature and current (to both cabinet and equipment level) allowing the operator to take corrective action to reduce power usage. Obelisk services include:

• Energy usage and cost audit

• IPM demonstration and trial on site
• Detailed site surveys and design
• Supply and installation of customized IPM equipment which enables customers to

• Monitor, measure and control power within equipment racks and data centres

• Monitor and manage environmental factors (humidity & temperature)

• Monitor and control rack access

• Set and monitor alarms