Vodafone National Fibre Network
Friday, 24 February 2017 10:08

Project: Vodafone National Fibre Network

Scope: Design & build 96No PoPsites for Vodafone

Client: Vodafone; End User: Vodafone; Location: Ireland; Date: 2014-present

Requirement: Vodafone is currently in the process of rolling out a national fibre optic network over 3-4 years. The requirement is twofold, the provision of consultancy services for the design and project management of the fibre optic shelters and the design & fit out of internal rooms in eirexchanges, where space is not sufficient for the installation of an external shelter nationwide.


Scope of Works:

Detailed Specification– Obelisk drew up the detailed specifications for the internal rooms and assisted in finalising the specifications for the outdoor shelters.
Detailed Surveys– Obelisk completed detailed surveys of each site and furnished survey documents detailing the shelter location, fibre routes within eir compounds, diverse route selection, proposed ESB solution etc.
Deployment– In addition to consultancy, Obelisk project managed shelter deployment including route planning road closures, liaison with ESB and county councils.
ESB connection- Obelisk is responsible for all aspects of supplying an independent ESB supply to each location including application submission, fee payment, detailed drawings, scheduling installation and liaison with the ESB.
Internal Room fit out- Obelisk is also responsible for drawing up the specification for the internal rooms where space is not available for external shelters. In addition Obelisk is tasked with procuring and installing the fire suppression, air conditioning, mains distribution and containment for each site.