Vodafone Data Ctr - CRAC
Friday, 24 February 2017 10:24

Project: CRAC (Computer Room Air-Conditioning ) Cooling Units for Data Ctr’s

Scope: Design and install upgrade computer room air conditioning system

Client: Vodafone; End User: Vodafone; Location: ClonshaughDate: Aug.2015, 3mth project.

Requirement: The Colo #1 room cooling system lacked the capacity to sufficiently supply the required cooling to the selected location within the room, in the event of a power loss to either of the A or B primary supply boards.


Scope of Works:

•In order to ensure continued air supply to the installation area, a new Computer Room Air-Conditioning (CRAC) down flow unit (match the capacity of the current in-room units) was designed and installed with associated condenser located on a new plinth (external condenser farm).

•In addition to the risk of insufficient airflow (in the event of a power supply failure to either of the primary A or B supplies), there was also a risk of reduced cooling capacity during the power loss.
•The in-room power Load was 164kW without the proposed additional DMS equipment. The A supplied boards can only supply 104kW of cooling and the B - 156kW of cooling.
•In order to remove this risk, Obelisk designed and installed secondary supplies to automatic transfer switches located on each CRAC unit on site. In the event of a power failure on either the A or B side, the units will automatically switch over to the remaining live supply.
•Based on current loads, the Colo 1 room is now operating @ N+2 cooling capacity. There is no risk to the cooling system failing due to power outages or capacity.