SIRO - Vodafone + ESB JV
Friday, 24 February 2017 09:30

Project: Plan, Design and Build a nationwide Fibre network for Siro

Scope: Phase One, started in early 2015, Siro will pass 500,000 premises in 51 towns enabling 1Gb/s. 100% roll-out by end of 2018. Client: Siro; End User: Siro;Location: Ireland; Date: 2016-Present 


Requirement: As part of the requirement for e2e delivery of Plan / Design / Build a FTTB network in rural Ireland, Siro engaged Obelisk to deliver multiple towns in parallel as part of the on-going program.


Scope of Works:

•PMO –  Set up PMO in serving geographic area as roll-out continues
High Level Design – Establish routes from ESB PoPLocations using existing ESB infrastructure – OH / UG / Façade to establish towns viability for FTTB
•Low Level Design – Detailed ground survey to confirm fibre routes to each premises. OH route conditioning and trial digs to confirm ESB infrastructure viability. Cluster design approach of approx. 1500+ premises.
•Optical design  – completed per cluster – outputs are detailed Optical maps, SLD’s (with splice detail) and BoQ. The BoQgives a detailed breakdown of all works and materials to for each sub-cluster and produces a cost per home price.
•Build  – All existing ESB ducting on planned delivery route is sub-ducted. UG ODPs and MSTs are located in mini-pillars to allow drop teams connect to premises via ESB meter boxes. ADSS fibre strung on OH to facilitate connectivity to premises fed by OH. OH ODPs and MST’s installed on OH Poles. Façade solutions for retractable fibre also deployed
•Acceptance– All splice test results and final SLDs submitted, Fibre Optic Works (FOW) updated with all final as built designs overlaying the existing ESB Network.