ESB Telecoms Salthill Globes

Location: Salthill, Galway, Ireland

Scope:  Replace old Stealth Globes with new upgraded Globes.

Client:  ESB Telecoms

Date:   September 2015

Requirements:  Upgrade existing Stealth Globes with an improved design. Closing device redesigned/strengthened and volumetric capacity of Globe increased to accommodate additional/new equipment.

Solution: Obelisk assessed the existing Structure and Globe design. Based on customers outline functional requirements the Obelisk design team produced a new unit which was stronger overall from a dynamic and static perspective. The improved design was well within the monopoles structural loading envelope.  At manufacture stage, Obelisk designed and manufactured a new mould to produce the globes. Once the mould was complete, all the new globe sections could be manufactured.  A major design criterion was radio frequency transparency. The closing system was successfully designed to incorporate radio friendly transceive functionality.

  •          Project & programme management.
  •          Design.
  •          Manufacture of mould for the new size globe from scratch.
  •          Manufacture of the globes and mounting system ensuring they would fit exactly where old units were.
  •          Site Supervision.
  •          PSCS Coordination (Project Supervisor, Construction Stage).
  •          Installation works.

Obelisk Impact:  Work was carried out in stages so that there was no downtime on the existing structure. This resulted in a big saving to the customer and to 3rd parties on site. Globes are now installed and secure.