Obelisk operates & maintains an ISO accredited integrated management system that includes ‘Quality’ ISO 9001: 2008.  A copy of our Quality Policy Statement is embedded below.  A copy of our Integrated Management System Manual OB-IMSM-001 can be supplied on request.

Obelisk operates and maintains an ISO accredited Integrated Management System [IMS] one of the stipulations therein is that the company proactively promotes best practice. As part of the above ‘IMS’ Obelisk has adopted a number of process flowcharts & procedures to streamline its activities in an effort to become more efficient and cost effective.  These quality controlled processes and procedures are very much ‘live’ working documents and improvements are continually made as deemed to be necessary.
This Integrated Management System defines accountability and responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of agreed quality standards and hence improves the effectiveness and efficiency of management, improved awareness by all employees of their part in controlling quality at each stage of the process will increase job satisfaction and provide the motivation to continually improve performance.
Our Integrated Management System provides explanation of the provision and application of an integrated quality programme based on the fundamental premise of prevention rather than the rectification of quality related problems.  Our Auditing Procedure OBIP-012 provides objective and documented evidence as to the effectiveness of the quality system and its ongoing implementation and review.  This manual can be provided on request.

Adherence to the quality systems and procedures is therefore mandatory for all employees within the Group’s scope of approval.  Obelisk carries out thorough internal quality audits by a dedicated team of auditors to ensure compliance with the specification and to clear any unwanted snags at an early stage prior to site acceptance stage.  Since implementing a quantitative & qualitative based audit approach on several major contracts we have seen a dramatic reduction in the number of snags identified at final site acceptance inspection.

Obelisk prides itself on its reputation for quality and goes to great lengths to audit all sites prior to handover to ensure that workmanship is to a high standard and that all snags are rectified at an early stage.  As part of the auditing process all snags or defects or omissions are flagged immediately to the crew responsible and to the PM for prompt resolution.  A copy of the audit report including a list of snags c/w photos is emailed to all concerned or flagged on AFS (a web based reporting & workflow management tool).  Once all snags have been rectified on site photographic evidence thereof is then emailed to the quality audit team and the PM.