Tubular Tilt-up 70m Temporary Met Mast

Customer: Large international wind farm and conventional power operator

Location: Remote island off coast of Scotland

Date: June 2012


The customer required a number of masts to be refurbished, moved to alternative locations, and new masts to be installed.

This specific mast is a new 70m tubular mast to be installed using the tilt-up method. WMI provided the mast, stay wires and other mast components, as well as all the measurement instruments and the data logger plus communication modules.


WMI travelled to site and carried out a detailed investigation of each mast location to ensure each of the customer’s requirements could be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Back at base, all relevant equipment and materials were assembled, including spares as necessary taking into account the remoteness of the site.

Weather had been a concern on the site, as high winds and driving rain were frequent, and also the ground conditions were very wet and boggy. The mast locations involved long hikes across the bog from parking locations.

Anchors were installed at the requisite locations around the base of the mast, taking into account the ground conditions. The base was also designed to withstand the soft & wet condition of the ground. Once the guys and booms & instruments had been attached, the mast was lifted to the vertical without hitches. The instruments and the logger were commissioned, and communications checked. Finally the site was cleared off and warning signage installed.


The customer’s project manager was on site throughout and was delighted with the speedy progress on the project, the methodology employed, the attention to detail and professionalism of the WMI crew. The customer’s Health and Safety Officer also assessed the project, and was highly complementary of WMI’s processes & procedures and how the team implemented them.