O&M-Nordex wind turbines


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Client: Nordex Energy

Operations & Maintenance framework with Nordex

Servicing Nordex N80 & N90 Type 1,2, & 3

  • Checking of all components
  • Check of bolts torque and if necessary, tightening of bolted connections
  • Coatings, painting, repairs
  • Oil sampling
  • Checking of oil levels
  • Oil change as necessary
  • Lubrication/greasing work as necessary
  • Checking and as necessary, adjusting the brakes
  • Blades inspection, cleaning and repair where necessary
  • Lift, ladder and fall arrest systems (inspection, repair and certification)
  • Electrical maintenance, HV switching, substation, generator maintenance
  • Checking all safety systems including the lightning protection system and the earthing
  • Inspection and certification of fall arrest systems, lifting equipment, ladders and lifts
  • Exchange, repair or replacement of wear and tear parts
  • Lifting equipment certification
  • Fire extinguisher/first aid kit servicing