NW Irish Sea Offshore Met Mast

Requirements: Provide a Consultancy Service with regard to the design and testing of the installation of an offshore met mast.

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Solution: We worked as part of a design team headed by engineers and in conjunction with a marine engineering company.

The service provided over a period of 3 to 4 months proved to be very valuable to the client and the equipment was manufactured and tested. Oriel Wind Farm is still going through the planning stages.

Our input was to provide technical & practical advice to the design team with respect to:

1. Access and egress to the equipment
2. Safety platforms and handrails around work area
3. SWL of hydraulic winch
4. SWL of lifting derrick & pulley system
5. Access and egress to mast from floating derrick
6. Design of mast impact protection during access & egress stage
7. Observe and report with respect to testing system on water
8. Modifications to the equipment following test
9. Advice regarding adjustable torsion bars on the equipment
10. Advice regarding access & egress to pulley system
11. Advice regarding meteorological equipment and support booms
12. Advice regarding Data Logging, power requirement and telecommunications requirement
13. Design of items 10 & 11
14. H&S plan for mast erection

Obelisk Impact: The quality of the work carried out by Obelisk, adherence to safety and health standards and the very effective project management enabled Obelisk to complete the project successfully, on time and within budget.