80m met mast install, South Africa


Scope: Tiltup Tubular 80m Mast
Location: North Karroo
Date: September, 2010
Equipment: 3.2 tonne winch, JCB, tracked rock breaker, (lifting) blocks, winch bonds

In excess of 1400m from sea level. Semi desert, rock with 400m soil. 60km from nearest village.Temperatures of 34 Celsius. Extremely challenging conditions.

Team of 6 men. High winds of 25m/s, gusts experienced. Anchors and mast install over 6 days. Work commenced at 5.30am to avoid maximum heat exposure.

The mast location was based on IEC61400. The anemometry equipment was installed based on Garrad Hassan guidelines and experienced engineering judgement.

An administrator was appointed to collect and back up data daily. The data was correlated with Wind Farm software by our in-house aeronautical engineers. WMI owns “Shelter Map”, software which we designed in-house. A site specific map was uploaded and analysed. The “Shelter Map” software works in conjunction with “Wind Farm” software to give optimised turbine layout taking into account terrain effects on wind energy availability.

Bankable MCP (measure-correlate-predict) report is produced with P50 and P90 analysis as standard.

Data correlation service provided by our in-house aeronautical engineers and wind farm software.