Obelisk South Africa

Why Obelisk South Africa?

Obelisk is an attractive partner in terms of the REIPPP:

 We are a Level 2 accredited BEE supplier

 Our masts are manufactured in South Africa- Local Content and supporting Local Job Creation, and reducing exchange rate risk

 Our teams of technicians and HSE experts 100% South African

Obelisk offers world-class quality

 Our wind measurement campaigns have successfully passed multiple due diligences, supporting projects awarded Preffered Bidder status under the REIPPP

 Our site team members of certified rope access, electric and mechanical technician's are approved installer's of Class 1 instruments

 We have a CIDB Grading of 5CE, adding further to the financial strength and expertise of the SA operations

Obelisk works to international Best practice Health and Safety standards and that are locally compliant

 Obelisk has won numerous Health and Safety awards, including ROSPA's Gold Award for 2013, 2014 and 2015

 Major installations in South Africa are independently audited- excellent results over the last 3 years

Obelisk has a proven track record in wind energy services in South Africa

Obelisk has been involved in more than 100 wind measurement sites in South Africa since 2010

Obelisk has provided HSE services to 4 Window 1 farm construction sites

Statutory Inspection has been performed on 3 wind farms

Operations and Maintenance has been performed on Wind Turbines and Met Masts on various wind farm


HS&E Services

Obelisk has supplied HS&E Services to 4 of the Window 1 REIPPP projects. The services include acting as Client Agent on behalf of Owners and Developers, providing Health & Safety Officers on site during construction, and providing Safety Specification and Compliance Services.

With its partners, we offer environmental screening and initiation services, and assistance in converting environmental screening, initiation and management services, laws and regulations into workable plans to manage on-site operations.

Statutory Inspection Services

South African legislation requires a series of tests and inspections to be conducted on turbine components including cranes, anchor points, lifts, fall arrest systems, PPE, lifting tackle and rescue kits.

Obelisk supplies ESCA-registered Lifting Machinery Inspectors and Lift Inspectors to conduct these independent inspections and tests during construction, commission­ing and operation to maintain high levels of Health & Safety on site, and to discharge Owners’ obligations under SA legislation.

Operation & Maintenance Services

Obelisk has trained South African wind turbine service technicians internationally, and offers Operation & Maintenance support services in South Africa. Obelisk’s teams support OEM teams during the delivery of their Warranty and Service Plans, as a credible local service provider.

Our team of mechanical and electrical technicians are currently active on Window 1 wind farms.

Access Platforms

Obelisk Energy is the exclusive supplier of ASMUS Rotor Access Platforms in South Africa. The platforms provide safe, efficient access to rotor blades, facilitating rotor blade inspections, repairs and cleaning. The modular design of the ASMUS rotor access platforms can be used on all standard wind turbine generators.

All of the platforms fit on a car trailer, enabling simple mobilisation. They have a short assembly time on site, which enables efficient completion of works.

Obelisk offers the platforms for rental as well as for purchase, and will deliver them to site with trained operators.

Blade & Tower Services

Obelisk has joined forces with Altitec Limited, who has 10 years’ experience inspecting and repairing rotor blades in Germany, UK & Ireland, as well as Germanischer Lloyd certification for rotor blade repairs. Obelisk is training South African Rope Access Technicians to work to Altitec’s international standards, and under Altitec’s

certification, to offer a selection of high quality Blade and Tower Services in South Africa. The Blade and Tower Services include:

 Rotor blade inspections based on the Principles for Monitoring the Condition Based Maintenance of Wind Turbines 2007 of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE)

 Composite rotor blade repairs, working to the latest repair standards, issued by Germanischer Lloyd

 Cleaning of Rotor Blades with low impact, biodegradable cleaning agents

 Wind turbine towers corrosion protection and repairs