Micro Wind Generation


Micro Wind Solutions available from Obelisk in the UK and Ireland

AirSynergy CEO Jim Smyth:

          “It’s no surprise that people are investing in technology like ours in efforts to have their own power supply. Existing utility prices are currently running at some 16-22 cent per kilo watt hour and are only going to get higher. Our technology allows end users to fix their energy price at under 10 cent per kilo watt hour at wind sites across the world for up to 30 years.  For the first time, people almost anywhere have a real renewable energy option.”

This fully Irish designed and engineered renewable technology will transform the world’s wind map making some 80 per cent of the world’s low wind resource sites suitable for wind power as opposed to only 10 per cent in the past and can be placed in locations with as little as 3.5 m/s in urban locations with turbulent wind sources.

The initial turbine range will be ideal for places such as Farms, Agri- Food Production, Hotels, Factories, Telecoms Masts, Golf clubs and Sports Facilities, Car parks, Streetlights and Ports. 


Streetlight RPU Remote Power Unit

For the first time urban environments and remote locations can enjoy a permanent, renewable lighting solution completely free from an external power source.

Remote Power Unit Lit

  • The off-grid product is ideal for providing reliable, independent light on roadways, walkways, parking lots and recreation areas and has added design capabilities to host cellular stations and showcase company branding.
  • There are no trenching costs and the RPU is easy to install and maintain with tilt up tower technology.
  • The RPU is a remote, transportable, dimmable, off-grid Lighting Solution.

TES Total Energy Solution

Total Energy Solution

  • The TES is the complete low cost energy generation and storage solution offering total energy independence 24 hours a day and ideal for domestic and small commercial users.
  • It provides the lowest cost secure, reliable power available – approximately half the utility price point for power fixed for up to 30 years and works on or off grid - no need for expensive connections to external power source.
  • The TES utilises a ducted augmented wind turbine (DAWT) that enhances the air properties in front of the turbine. This increases the velocity to generate more power. This allows for power to be generated at much lower wind speeds while reducing noise levels.

PAVEL Passive Air Ventilation Exhaust Louvre


Heating and cooling account for more than half of the energy used in most buildings.  The Passive Air Ventilation Exhaust Louvre, the ‘PAVEL’ can work with existing extraction fans systems to reduce power usage dramatically. 

Passive Air Ventilation Exhaust Louvre

  • The revolutionary PAVEL naturally improves airflow within buildings as it uses outdoor air movement to exhaust a building’s internal air without the need for any moving parts.  The product itself will be maintenance free but will also reduce maintenance costs on existing air extract systems due to lower usage.
  • Heating and cooling account for more than half of the energy used in most buildings. The cost effective Passive Air Ventilation Exhaust Louvre, the PAVEL, will transform how Agricultural and Large Area buildings are ventilated cutting costs dramatically.
  • The PAVEL can be used in isolation or retrofitted with existing HVAC systems decreasing energy and maintenance costs from reduced running time on mechanical systems as well as noise from reduced load.
  • The PAVEL is easy to install on an external duct upstanding on a building’s roof and available in different colours or customised customer branding.