Medium Wind Solutions

Initial Site Assessment

This involves a site visit backed up by a desktop study where necessary information is gathered to produce an initial assessment of the site looking at 3 major factors. 1) Planning; 2) wind potential and 3) proximity to the electricity grid.  
This information will enable us to discuss your plans with you, and to provide an initial opinion on the suitability of the site for Wind Power Generation.
We can provide this service at an affordable cost to allow you to quickly decide whether to proceed, or whether to amend your plans.
Typically we can deliver a report to you within a week of the site visit.

Grid Feasibility Study

You may wish to apply to the Distrubtion Network Operator (DNO) in your area for a budget estimate and a feasibility study of your site for connecting to the Electricity Distribution Grid.
If we can ascertain the nature of the Distribution Grid in your area during the initial assessment by Obelisk, this may be sufficient for you to decide whether requesting the DNO to carry out this Feasibility study is worthwhile, or whether you wish to proceed with planning for the turbine regardless.
Obelisk can manage this technically challenging process on your behalf from preparing & submission of application, through the DNO enquiries for clarification & further information, to assessment of the DNO response.

Planning Permission for Turbine

Planning permission is required for the site, including site works, the turbine, and the ancillary equipment. The planning process looks at the impact the project will have on the project’s environment.
Project funders may require planning permission before they will sign off on the funding. Turbine Manufacturers may also insist on planning permission before accepting a firm order for a turbine.
Obelisk can prepare, submit and manage your Planning Application including planning drawings, planning justification, visual, noise and shadow flicker assessments.

Build Grid Connection

The DNO requires the generating unit to comply with Engineering Recommendation G59/2/ the DNO. Once the assessment and design study has been carried out, and a grid connection has been applied for, NIE will carry out all works related to implementing the grid connection. DNO will also seek statutory permission for the connection, and landowner permissions for equipment, etc.
The project promoter may also wish Obelisk to cross-check that the connection terminates on-site according to the detailed site plans so that the turbine & balance of plant can feed into the connection without difficulty.

Site Preparation

A key phase in the project’s development is the preparation of the site to make it ready for the turbine installation & connection to the grid.
Obelisk has many years experience in civil & electrical engineering, and can project-manage and implement site works including detailed siteworks plans, on-site access roads, on-site buildings, electrical equipment installation & cabling, turbine foundations, and SCADA installation.

Balance of Plant

The power generated by a wind turbine needs to be matched to the grid requirements, if it is being exported to the grid. Similarly, power being consumed on-site has to be matched to the equipment using the power.

This equipment is needed to ensure that the connection to the grid functions correctly and that energy produced and used or exported is metered correctly for use in claiming ROCs and FiT payments.
Obelisk can carry out the electrical and physical design of the site, source the equipment needed, and install & commission it.

Turbine Installation

This is a specialised task, which can only be carried out by the manufacturer or an accredited agent, to ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty remains intact, and the project investors’ requirements are met.
Obelisk can project manage the site activities for this phase, although the bulk of the work is carried out by the accredited installers.

Site Commissioning

This is the final stage of the deployment project. It involves a final checkout of all the equipment on site, bringing the turbine into generation, and connecting it to the grid.
Obelisk can plan out and project manage the site commissioning programme. Items which are not reserved for staff from the turbine manufacturers or their accredited agents can also be undertaken by Obelisk.

Lifetime System Maintenance

System maintenance throughout the working life of the equipment is essential to reduce downtime and maintain system efficiency, thus ensuring the optimal revenue flow from the site.
Obelisk can put in place a maintenance package based on manufacturer’s recommendations which will ensure that your system continues to produce the maximum amount of electricity throughout its working life.


Obelisk is a broad-spectrum engineering services group with tried and trusted agile processes for working on multiple distributed projects simultaneously, certified for high voltage works, and with a track record stretching back to 1996. We work with Developers to bring projects from conception to completion. 

Obelisk focuses on single turbine sites in the 100kW–500kW range, connected to the distribution grid. Our distributed management approach allows us to carry out multiple projects simultaneously with ease. These single turbine sites can offer high returns on investment. Obelisk has close relationships with all the leading turbine manufacturers. We provide a comprehensive service which includes feasibility study, wind measurement & analysis, design, planning, tower construction, turbine erection, grid connection and project management.

Our sister company Wind Measurement International ( is the leading designer and installer of met masts, carrying out measurement campaigns on large, medium, and micro wind sites all over the UK, Ireland, and South Africa.
We have effective maintenance plans in place to ensure that the turbines operate efficiently for their planned lifetime.

Obelisk is a large, client focussed organisation that prides itself on delivering a quality product, with a management team consisting of highly skilled and trained industry experienced individuals; we are therefore in a position to provide independent support and assistance. We have extensive track record in carrying out nimble, distributed project work all over the country.

We are certified as a service provider to carry out work up to 33kV for UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).
We can take your project from planning through consents and construction all the way to the post-delivery maintenance phase. Why not talk to us today!