Wind Measurement

Wind Measurement International, a subsidiary company of Obelisk Group, is acknowledged as an industry leader for the installation of wind monitoring equipment, utilising the latest methodologies and equipment to provide the highest quality service. Providing LIDAR, latticed or tilt-up, on accessible or inaccessible terrain.

  • Initial site feasibility survey
  • Met mast design supply and installation from 10m for micro-generation all the way up to 100m+ for wind farms. Designed in accordance with IEC 61400-12-01. Standard and configured in accordance with Garrad Hassan’s guidelines.
  • Data collection, processing & reporting in a “bankable” format to client’s requirements.

Please click here to download our WMI brochure, which list all our wind measurement and met mast services- WMI 2011 Brochure

For more information please see Wind Measurement International website

If your enquiry is regarding wind measurement and met services in South Africa, please find further information here

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