The attractiveness of Medium Scale Wind Solutions in the UK has increased dramatically with the Feed-In Tariff scheme (FiT) in Great Britain and increased ROCs in Northern Ireland.

Landowners and businesses are now eligible for a generous generation tariff per kWh as well as an export tariff under the FiT in Great Britain, and a quadrupling of the ROCs up to 250kW in Northern Ireland. They can also benefit from using energy on-site thus displacing bought-in energy costs.

  1. Initial Site Assessment
  2. Grid Feasibility Study
  3. Planning Permission for Turbine
  4. Wind Measurement Campaign
  5. Grid Network Connection and Capacity Study
  6. Build Grid Connection
  7. Acquire Wind Turbine
  8. Site Preparation
  9. Balance of Plant
  10. Turbine Installation
  11. Site Commissioning
  12. Lifetime System Maintenance