Community Relations South Africa

Caring For Orphans in Rural Areas (CORA) is the core charity Obelisk works with in South AfricaObelisk’s South African headquarters are located in Cape Town.

CORA is NPO focused on early intervention for pre-school children in rural areas, by setting up early learning enrichment centres in the rural Eastern Cape.

The early pre-school years are critical for children’s development as it is a time for rapid physical, emotional and mental growth. The experiences and relationships in these years play a critical role in a child’s ability to grow up healthy, ready to learn and equipped to deal with adulthood.

CORA is currently setting up pre-school enrichment centres in remote rural areas within the Eastern Cape. The centres will focus on early learning, basic numeracy, and motor and literacy skills as well other forms of social development, interaction and nurturing. Each child will be provided with two meals per day.

Obelisk has strong support links with CORA, most recently donating to the building of a fence around a pre-school enrichment centre, as seen below.

For more info about the charity: