Obelisk believes in progress and is committed to protecting our environment. In recognition of this, we have successfully achieved the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Standard. Obelisk recognises that good management includes all environmental matters and will ensure that environmental protection and the prevention of pollution are part of all decisions, policies and practices.

We will proactively work with our customers to develop project specific environmental management plans which will identify any potential environmental hazards and activate any measures that need to be taken to eliminate or minimize the risk to the environment.
All waste and recycled materials are removed by licensed operators, with particular focus on electronic equipment recycling.

Obelisk operates & maintains an ISO accredited management system that includes ‘environmental’ ISO 14001: 2004 (copy of accreditation cert attached below).  A copy of our Environmental Policy Statement and our Register of Environmental Aspect OBIP-002 are embedded below in strict confidence. 

Obelisk is committed to complying with all current relevant legislation regarding Environmental Safety and Industry Codes of Practices.  Environmental protection and the prevention of pollution are part of all decisions, policies and practices within the Obelisk Group.
The company constantly works towards the objectives outlined in the Environmental Policy.  
The company’s environmental management procedures are outlined in the following:

  • OBIP-002
  • OBIP-001
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response – OBIP-007
  • Performanace Measurement & Monitoring – OBIP-008

Obelisk constantly monitors changes in Environmental Legislation OBIP-001; these changes are recorded in OBIP-002, Register of Environmental Aspect.